Employer Open House Program

The Employer Open House Program allows employers to come in for a series of mini-open houses to promote their organization and recruit students and alumni outside our two Career Fairs in November and April.

Employers are scheduled for an individual open house in our Rich Concourse – a high traffic area directly next to our UConn Coop Bookstore. They are provided with a recruitment table and may bring as many recruiters as they wish. Many employers like to bring two or three people. This allows them to conduct instant screening interviews with candidates in the public area of the Concourse. Employers have recruited as many as a dozen students per each recruitment date. The cost for each recruitment date is $200. There is no limit to the amount of dates that may be scheduled.

The Career Center at UConn-Stamford needs two weeks notice to advertise employer open houses. This is the optimal amount of time to get the word to our campus community. We can schedule dates with less notice. However, student turnout may not be as high with a shorter timeframe. We ask firms to provide us with an updated posting that we can send out to students via listserv.
For more information please contact the UConn-Stamford Career Center at: careercenterstamford@uconn.edu or 203-251-9549.